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The Dust Mite Invasion

Do you suffer from allergies? It could be from an explosion of dust mites in your home and in particular your bedroom. Every home has dust mites but there are ways to control them which will in turn relieve some of the effects of asthma and allergies and allow for a better night’s sleep.

How do we get dust mites in our home? Dust mites feed off dead skin and hair which is abundant in our homes. It is the the feces and remains of  the dust mites that is the cause of allergens.
Many dust allergies can be alleviated by using hypoallergenic bedding such as organic wool and natural latex rubber. However,there are also several things you can do to minimize the dust mite population in your home.
Mattress Covers 
One quick way of reducing dust mites is to put an organic cover on the mattress and box springs. Keep in mind that while a good cover may seem expensive, the improvement in sleep is well worth it. Many covers use plastic zippers as they are tighter and don’t allow dust mites in. However, covering the zipper with tapes is also effective.
Plastic bed sheets can also be used but they are not as effective as the organic bed covers.

Eucalyptus Oil

Combine 10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to one cup of vodka and lightly spray the bed weekly. The properties in the eucalyptus oil kill dust mites.

Wash sheets weekly with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in each capful of laundry detergent.to reduce dust mites. Wash the sheets in hot water (130 degrees Fahrenheit) and either hang in the sun to dry or dry in the dryer. The heat will help kill the dust mites.

Organic Pillow Protectors

One of the places with the most dust mites is the pillow we put right next to our face every night. Washing pillow cases in hot water is only a small help in eliminating the pests. Pillow barrier covers encase the entire pillow with a zipper and prevent the dust mites from taking up residence. Be sure the barrier cover you buy is top quality.

However, first launder the pillow in the same manner as above by adding eucalyptus oil to the wash. Wash the pillows at approximately 130 degrees Fahrenheit. After drying the pillow in either a dryer or in the sun, bang the pillows to remove the remains. Dead dust mites are what you see in the air after hitting the pillow.
If you are trying to rid some bedding that can't be laundered, you can also place it in the freezer for a couple of days. This will kill the mites.

These things will help keep the pest population under control in the bedroom where we spend about 1/3 of our life.